Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glimpse of Camping

We were able to do a quick overnight camping trip last weekend with Tyler and his girls and Dad. (Mom, Cheryl and Heidi came up Saturday morning and enjoyed breakfast and the lake with us.) We went to Payson Lake and had a GREAT time! It was definately a place that I want to visit again. Cole had fun whittling on a walking stick he found and Cayli loved the canoe ride.

Glimpse of School

Cayli loves art in school. Recently they've been studying DaVinci and Picasso. Her favorite art project was the top photo. They taped paper under their desks and painted while they were laying on the floor...similar to painting on the ceiling. :) Great work Cayli!

Congratulations Cole...we are SO proud of your recognition. You're a great kid!

Cole got to enjoy a special visit from his principal and also a Root Beer Float with him at recess - how cool is that?!

Wow! Cole is in 3rd grade now...I can't believe it. I think he has a bit of his dad in him because last night he couldn't sleep and his tummy hurt! Other than that, he was very excited to walk to school this morning with Cayli and I. His teacher is Mrs. Waller - she seems like she's going to be great for Cole. This is a brand new school and only has about 400 students.
Cayli also started school. She was just going to do Preschool and Daycare and then the school mentioned that they had room in their all day Kindergarten for her and they thought she would do well since she's almost 5! She really works hard and is a great helper in her class.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Glimpse of Home

We've spent the last 3 years preparing for our new home and NOW we're actually here. The views are beautiful, neighbors are great and we're all adjusting well. Eventhough we dearly miss all our friends and neighbors in our previous neighborhood, we still have ties to them and know we will see most of them often.

The whole process of building our home was really quite fun. I definately would do it again. (Ron has other thoughts on that, haha.)