Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Behind the Scenes of our Christmas Picture

You all know the drill:
What are we going to wear?
Will her hair stay curled while I hurry and curl mine?
Is he going to get all wrinkled?
What kind of mood will he be in?

Anyway, that's what I went through Sunday after my mom called begging for me to just quickly take a family picture and send it to her because the last one she has of us is WAY out of date. I thought I'd hurry and do it right before church. I wish it was that easy. :)
Cole's being so patient and Cayli and Ron are way too busy teasing each other.
I asked Cole to sit on the chair so I could figure out the lighting. He is such a little goof-ball, I was more distracted laughing at his funny faces, than taking care of what I needed to.
This is a very typical sight: Ron getting ready to give Cole a "beat down" and Cayli is loving every minute of it. Good thing Cole loves these fun moments. You can see Ron's handsome grin under his teasing snarl.
Just one more of the MANY silly faces of Cole. Now Cayli is the one trying to help mom. I love these two little stinkers.