Friday, October 31, 2008

A Glimpse of Halloween

What a fabulous Halloween. Cole and I didn't have school so I got to take Cayli to school and help with her classroom fun! Cole hung out with Ron most of the day. Boy, it couldn't turn dark fast enough for Cayli! She was getting a little irritated with the sun that it wouldn't speed up the process. :) She had been in her costume all day and couldn't wait any longer to go trick-or-treating. As I type this the kids are out with Ron and I am home handing out the candy. I have had some visits from some of my school kids and my neighbors, but other than that it's been a bit quiet. The space between all the homes up here is a little more than I think most trick-or-treaters like. Like my kids...I think they'll all end up down in Phase I where there's more homes that are closer together. There's something about efficiency in candy gathering that entices them all. hahaha HAPPY HAUNTING

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cayli is 5!

Cayli's birthday was a VERY busy day. We all had work and school AND a Halloween carnival that the Young Women were in charge. I felt bad that we were so busy so after we cleaned up the carnival we headed down the canyon to get her some ICE CREAM (costumes and all)!

These notes from Ron are just priceless! He had to leave out of town the day before her birthday and was just feeling horrible that he wasn't going to be here. He placed these notes all over in her closet so she would see them on her birthday. (She had spent the night at her Omi's so his timing was perfect!) You can tell by these cute sayings how much they tease each other. Cayli loves that she is growing up and getting bigger and she also knows how much Ron doesn't want her to grow up. She teases him all the time about it. He's the BEST father...I just love him!
Finally! The Saturday after Cayli's Birthday she had a costume-birthday party and had lots of fun with her friends. We made bracelets, played pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, walked to the park and played, and then let the girls loose with a baseball bat and a pinata. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess...we love you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Glimpse of October

Every year we visit Black Island Farms before Halloween...the kids LOVE it. We had fun watching them explore all the great slides, mazes, farm animals, games and having a good time with each other. Cole navigated us through the 3 corn mazes and actually did a great job! He had a great sense of direction. Our favorite part was taking the tractor ride to pick out our pumpkins. I think the pumpkins we chose this year weigh more than all four of us combined. I don't look forward to making jack-o-lanterns! :)

A Glimpse of Black Island Farms

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Glimpse of Ballet

Cayli is back in dance...HOORAY! After taking a year hiatus from the dance world, we enrolled Cayli in the Imagine Ballet Theatre located at the Egyptian Theater. She is really having a good time and may even be placed in their Nutcracker performance this holiday season. She's in a Pre-Ballet class and normally they don't put this group in the production, but are contemplating it for this year. We've decided to stick with ballet and fore go the competition scene for the time. She enjoys leaping, stretching and getting all dressed up for class. They have to wear a high bun, black leo and pink tights..."just like the real ballerina's" she says. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Glimpse of True Beauty

From sunrise, to sunset...this place is divinely BEAUTIFUL! Simply breathtaking.