Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cole's Favorite Present

So...Cole's been begging us for 2 years to buy him a snowboard and we finally got him one for Christmas this year. He's loves this board and is dying to take lessons. We're the mean parents and are making him ski before we let him board. He's been able to walk up the hill and get lots of practice though! Great job Cole.

Playing Around the House

New Year's Eve we always like to
sled and snowmobile, literally,
around the house. This picture shows it well.
The pic with Cayli laying down on
my snowmobile, you can see the front of our house
above her shoulder. On the other pic,
the back of our home is next to her head.
Cole was too busy snowboarding down the big hill
to ride around with me and Ron was
too busy working. Unfortunately the
hospitals don't close over the holidays. :)

Beehive FUN! cute little Beehives didn't get to enjoy the Stake New Year's Eve dance, so we decided to welcome in the new year sledding and watching a movie. We just met at my home and then walked to the end of the cul-de-sac where we always sled. They had a great time!
We started with 4, ended with 6 and were missing 2. Not too bad for having an activity over the holidays. I just love these girls, but BOY can they eat popcorn. Ron thinks they're worse than the YM, I don't think so. :)
Yes, we still need more snow to cover these weeds, but we had enough to have fun.

Cayli is NOT a Beehive yet, but she had to show them how to climb up the big hills cuz they were all beggin' me to get out my snowmobile. :)
(Notice how loose Cayli's top tooth is!)
We had a great time sledding and then enjoyed some hot cocoa,
popcorn and watched the movie Zoom!

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning was quite peaceful. The kids slept in until 7:30 and the hills were barely lighting up from the morning sun. Santa found our house, but Cole was most excited about his snowboard that we got him. I don't think he's gone a day (besides Sunday) without strapping that thing on his feet. Cayli is just waiting for a day to come where our cul-de-sac is dry so she can take a spin on her little scooter. She think's she's so cracks us up.
This was late Christmas Eve after Santa's elf dropped off the kids' PJs.
Lance, ShayLyn, Cole & Cayli
(Can you stand how tall Shay is?! She's a did she rate getting tall genes?)
Yes, I'm all grown up, but still a daddy's girl! What a great man.
This is my sweet Oma (grandma). We love having her join us at my mom's for Christmas Eve. She wasn't thrilled about taking my grandpa's place in reading a
Christmas story, but we loved it!
We took this before we began our Christmas Eve program at my mom's.
Family traditions are so special.